The Benefits Of Good Carpet Padding

Buying a home rug shouldn’t be a complicated process. Once you’ve figured out what kind of color, pattern, and material you’re looking for, what’s to stop you from assuming all the work is done? Unfortunately, because home rugs are such a big investment, researching the right maintenance approach, such as finding the right carpet cleaning northern va service or learning about the best way to take care of a carpet for stairs, is a huge part of the process. Carpeting isn’t cheap, and you need your buy to stand the test of time. That’s why buying high-quality carpet padding simply isn’t optional: It’s an absolute must. The right carpet padding can help keep your rug looking, feeling, and even smelling fresh for longer. It can act as a sound buffer, help protect against moisture damage, and even add years onto your carpet’s lifespan. That is, as long as you know you’re buying the right kind of padding. If you’re still on the fence about what carpet padding can offer, here are a few eye-opening benefits of padding that will help steer you in the right direction.

Padding Keeps Things Quiet

Hate the sound of a creaky kitchen floor? Despise being woken up in the middle of the night because your stairs are making a weird noise? Unhappy with the fact that you can always hear everything that’s going on in your home no matter what? You get the picture. Having a large, echoey space isn’t just annoying. It can make living peacefully in a home with a lot of inhabitants, an older floor plan, or simply a ton of empty space downright impossible. Bringing in carpeting can help solve a part of this problem by acting as a buffer to unnecessary noise. However, if your solution is to simply lay down a carpet in the middle of a large room, you’re not going to see any benefit. In order to actually keep your home quieter, you’ll need padding to help act as a kind of shock absorbency layer to filter out the ping-ponging sounds of creaky floorboards, clanging pots and pans, and children at play. While this soundproofing technique is known to work better in smaller, more manageable rooms, it can also work wonders for larger rooms with wall-to-wall carpeting.

It Increases Softness

You may think that your rugs are soft enough without an extra layer of padding. However, you’d be wrong. While it’s great to have a beautiful, soft natural fiber rug in any room of your home, it won’t be so pleasant after a few years or months of dealing with aching feet and uneven flooring. Without padding, many home rugs simply aren’t able to provide the same kind of consistent cushioning and support that you get from a firm underlying layer of urethane or rubber. Your feet might not be feeling it yet, but if you start to walk around on unpadded carpeting for too long, your feet could end up feeling something similar to the way your back starts to feel when you try to sleep on the floor with a few blankets but no mattress. Your body needs the extra support in order to stay comfortable, otherwise it’s about the same as walking around on the bare floor.

It Creates a Safer Environment

Home rugs look and feel great in almost any area of the home. But if you’re someone who’s older or a bit unsteady on their feet, they can also pave the way for disaster. A rug laid on a bare hardwood floor isn’t just a bad idea, it can end up being downright dangerous. Slips and falls are a real problem in the home, especially for older adults and seniors over 70, for whom a simple home fall can have catastrophic consequences. Adding a carpet pad beneath a smaller area rug or even a wall-to-wall carpet can help prevent sliding, tripping, and the formation of bumps and ridges in stapled-down carpets that allow for frequent accidents and warped fabric.

It Helps Insulate Your Home

Who wants to live in a freezing cold house? While adding a few rugs here and there can significantly help increase a home’s thermal capacity in the more even-tempered months, a rug working alone won’t do much during an icy-cold winter. Padding helps boost insulation and lock in the feat from your rug’s fibers to provide a much more pleasant experience for homeowners getting out of bed, running to the bathroom in the middle of the night, or walking into a chilly home office.