How To Make New Carpet Installation Go Smoothly

If you’ve just chosen a brand new carpet for your home, you’re not far from giving your living space a totally new, much-needed update. But not so fast: Before you get started with your new rug, there are a lot of details that need tending to. Not only will you have to plan on carpet removal, you’ll also have to make sure that your rug is properly installed. While many homeowners assume that installation isn’t a huge deal, it can actually seriously affect the health and lifespan of your carpet, especially if it’s done incorrectly or sloppily. Your carpet’s health and longevity depend not just on your visiting a Chesapeake carpet cleaning with regularity, but on your attention to care and detail even before your rug is installed. Any bumps, misalignments, or installation flukes could have you looking for a new carpet just a few years after you’ve brought your brand new rug home. How can this be avoided? Here are a few helpful tips.

Remove Your Old Carpet the Right Way

You may imagine, like so many homeowners, that getting rid of your old carpet is a simple maneuver of ripping it up (or cutting it up) and tossing it out. Some homeowners even opt to leave their original rug in place and install their new one right over it. However, both methods are less than ideal, especially if you want your new carpet to last. Taking up your carpet the right doesn’t have to be a challenging or intimidating process. You can hire people to help you execute the job, or you can take it on yourself if you have the extra time. The main thing is to remember to remove the tacking strips and carpet staples so that your rug comes up cleanly. Leaving old tacking or staples will create a less smooth installation for your new carpet, so you want to make sure you’re working with a clear, uncluttered surface. If you’re installing a wall-to-wall rug, this is even more important, since you may need to do a bit of carpet stretching in a few years. Basically, the less tacking you have under your rug, the better. Remember, you also need to put your padding down, so anything that’s extra will simply be causing the padding to do a less efficient job.

Move Everything Out of the Way

Before you even attempt to put your rug down (or remove your old rug, for that matter,) you need to make sure that everything is cleared away. Trying to put down a new rug when all your furniture, wall hangings, and books are in the way makes for disaster. It might not seem like a major detail, but the less stuff you’re having to dodge around during the process, the easier a time you’ll have getting your rug to lay flat and install correctly. If you don’t want bumps, misalignment, or general chaos in your room, you should set aside a full day to totally clear the area. Think of this as a mini-moving day. You can keep all your stuff in boxes and spend the whole day just getting your floor primed and ready for your new rug.

Plan It Out Early

Installing your carpet shouldn’t be a slapdash thing. There’s a reason people hire professionals to do this. Your rug will most likely be quite heavy, and you’ll need help to install it. Make sure you have a partner or friend help you out so that you don’t end up laying your rug down crooked or struggling to make it fit in place. Getting your rug in position will be a struggle to begin with, so don’t try to do this all by yourself. Set aside some time to do this right, otherwise you may find you’ve spent a whole day just trying to get your old rug out of the house and move your new rug into place.

Do Home Your Improvement Projects Before Installation

As with getting your belongings out of the way, you want to make sure all your other projects are squared away beforehand. If you’re taking the trouble to put your new rug in place, you don’t want to run the risk of getting paint stains or wood glue on it during another home improvement project. Make sure that your room is the way you want it before installing your rug. If you need to put down a fresh coat of paint or do a re-wallpapering job, now is the time to do it. Keeping your rug fresh and long-lasting will depend on keeping it clean and free of stains, so don’t put your rug in harm’s way with a new, messy project unless you absolutely have to.