How An Energy Efficient Roof Can Help Lower Your Electric Bill

If you’ve struggled trying to find ways to better heat and cool your home, you’re not alone. Tons of homeowners and families try everything they can think of to create a cooler, properly sealed home environment that makes temperature control easier from season to season. But few homeowners look to roof repair for an answer to hard-to-heat interiors. When it comes to keeping your electric bill low, calling the best roofers marietta has to offer might not be first on your list of cost-effective strategy. But consider this: Adding a new, energy-efficient roof to your home will help you rely less on central heating and cooling and is capable of giving you a return on your investment in just a few years. If you’re already looking at an old or damaged roof, making sure you’re getting an efficient model is simply common sense. So what are you waiting for? If you’re sick of overpaying on electric bills and want a home that won’t invite drafts and leaks, here are a few reasons why an energy-efficient roof can solve most of your problems.

Temperature Control

Your home depends on weatherproof elements to help it stay evenly temperature controlled during summer and winter. That means that if your home isn’t properly sealed, your air conditioning unit or central heating system just won’t do the job it’s meant to do, no matter how high you’ve cranked up the settings. If your new roof is installed with weatherproof elements and energy-efficient layers of flashing and shingles, you’ll have multiple ways of keeping your home sealed from the top down. If you have a skylight or chimney, installing an energy-efficient roof will make it less likely for air to escape in and out those vulnerable areas to create drafts and leaks. When your home is properly sealed, you’re much less likely to deal with moisture leaks and mold, not to mention a home that’s impossible to heat or cool properly. Installing shingles that are made of a strong material that won’t transfer heat into your home will also help you keep your interior cool on a sunny day.

Sun Protection

Just like us, roofs need constant sun protection in order to stay strong. If your roof gets too much unprotected sun exposure, it could end up weakening the structure or prematurely eroding the shingles. Luckily, these days shingles come equipped with some of the best SPF protection money can buy. This helps your shingles stay intact longer as well as keeping the sun’s heat from sinking into your home and making it impossible to keep things cool without cranking the AC. There’s also a new trend called “cool roofing,” which encourages homeowners to install light-colored shingles on their roofs that will deflect the sun’s rays rather than absorbing them. The cooler your house’s surface remains, the less of a struggle you’ll have bringing down the internal temperature on a blazing summer’s day.


Keeping your home well-ventilated is key if you want your heating and cooling systems to work effectively. While you might assume that outfitting your home with brand-new, energy-efficient windows is the way to go in terms of temperature control and great ventilation, the truth is, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Your home’s roof is a huge point of escape for hot and cold air, and if it’s too leaky, it could be undoing all your heating system’s hard work, creating a muggy atmosphere that can’t be cooled down or an impossibly drafty, chilly home in the winter. Installing a new, energy-efficient roof won’t just help keep your home sealed against moisture and air. It will help your new energy-efficient windows actually work in the way they’re supposed to, creating a foolproof seal against the outside world.

Damage Prevention

Moisture and air leaks aren’t the only issues you need to be worried about during the winter. Many older roofs suffer in the winter once heavy snow starts to fall and pile up in the center, creating a soggy, frozen mass that can easily leak through without a bit of help. Not only are newer, more energy-efficient roofs better at facilitating snow and ice melt in winter, they work to prevent the creation of ice dams, which happens when your roof’s gutters freeze and stop the flow of melting snow away from the house. Installing strong, efficient shingles will help prevent this kind of damage and keep your roof strong and free of any dangerous ice and snow-related damage for years to come.