5 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Mold Testing Company

If mold starts to grow in your home or business, you should contact Florida mold testing company immediately. Mold mostly attaches itself on building materials like wood and drywall because it’s provided with a food source. This means that the mold will eat up the affected surfaces leading to severe structural damages.

Mold can lead to serious damage in your home and even lead to health problems, and that is why you need to hire a mold testing company in west palm beach. Getting the best mold testing and inspection company is important.  That’s why you first need to ask the below questions before hiring any company.

  • Does the company test the air?

It’s necessary for you to inquire if the mold remediation company provides mold testing and inspection. Testing the air around and inside the home, before beginning the remediation process will enable the mold technician to identify the areas which are affected with mold. After finishing the remediation process, the mold technicians should also test the air to see if the job has been adequately done.

  • How many mold samples will the company take?

Most companies will take one inside sample and one outside sample to determine the extent of the mold. These samples are the ones which will tell you if you should be worried or if everything is okay. The number of samples taken will depend on how big your property is and if you want the tests to be carried out on the whole property or just certain areas.

  • What will be the turnaround time between the inspection and report?

You want the company which you will hire to give you the report in good time but not too long which will make you delay repairs. During the inspection process, the inspector should provide you with information on how the process is going on. The inspector can also give you the latest updates after they get laboratory results. The final written report usually takes some days to weeks depending on how big your project is.

  • What type of report will they give you?

 Some companies will only give you the laboratory date without even telling you what it means and what you need to do. You need to know if you will be required to make some repairs. You should ask the company whether they will recommend repairs for certain parts in your home or if they will only give you a general template. Ask the company whether they will provide you with a sample report or let them explain to you the procedures to follow.

  • Is the company adequately insured?

Mold testing companies should all be well insured. The company should have basic insurance and pollution liability insurance to provide cover in cases of accidents. Due to high costs, a mold testing company may forego an insurance cover. If the mold remediation company does not have a pollution liability insurance, it would be best if you looked for another company.

It’s important to ask the above questions before hiring a Florida mold testing company. You want a company which has qualified staff and one which will give you detailed reports in due time.