What Is A Kitchen Cabinet Drawer Insert?

Kitchen innovation is coming on leaps and bounds these days, and people are forever inventing new ways to use old ideas.

One such new idea that may have slipped under your radar is the use of fitted kitchen cabinet drawer inserts. Everyone has more than likely got a cutlery tray rattling around in their top drawer, but these are ill fitting and not as good quality as your drawer itself.

Drawer inserts are for that fancy finish, and certainly for the organizers among us. Here, we will look at a few different types and their purposes.

Cutlery Insert

First off would have to be the classic cutlery tray. While I’m sure a large portion of the population owns one (mine is a fetching purple plastic) the store bought variety are not designed to fit into the drawer like an insert.

You can buy them in plastic or wood, depending on your taste and how they compliment. Get one for cutlery, have another closer to the cooker for easy access utensils.

You can also get them running diagonally to your drawer, meaning every bit of available space is being used.

Corner Drawers

If you don’t already have corner drawers, then having them fitted can give you some amazing extra storage space. For organizing, try diagonal inserts opposing each other on each side. The symmetry will be beautiful, and you can also make the most out of your new storage space.

Deep drawers are starting to overthrow cabinets in some homes now, and with a deep corner drawer you can bring in a carousel to make use of every bit of space in that corner. No more reaching blindly through cobwebs and knocking over jars.

Insert Mat

A simple, inexpensive method of organization, a rubber insert mat is a non slip way of keeping your items in place. If you don’t like the fact that regular inserts take up a lot of extra space in your drawer, but still want that regimented size ordered spatula section, just make sure you put them away precisely every time.

You can also use these with other bottomless inserts to reduce noise and prevent your drawers from scratching. As such a cheap option it’s worth considering.

Plate Stack Pegs

Another good option for a deep drawer kitchen is to use a plate stack insert. This is another one for those who are phasing out cupboards or keep their plates lower down anyway.

They look a little unconventional when empty, as of course you have plates and bowls in a number of sizes, so the symmetry won’t be there the same way as a cutlery insert.

Other Alternatives

Do bins count as inserts? If you’re going for organization and a clean finish then hiding the bin can help the overall look of your kitchen.

You can also use knife blocks and spice racks to keep those items together. If you have a larder or pantry cupboard, drawers with standard square inserts can group all of your consumables perfectly.