What Is A Heat Pump And How Can It Benefit My Home?

Nobody likes overspending on fuel and home heating bills, especially when it can be avoided. It’s a terrible feeling when the energy bill arrives after a long winter and you’re stuck with a high heating bill to pay. Heating your home is expensive, but the price you pay for a temperature-controlled home environment doesn’t have to be exorbitant. That’s where heat pumps come in. In addition to being good for the environment, heat pumps work to actually suck the heat out of house during summer and use the heat from outdoors to give your house a blast of natural warmth during the window. Even better, installing a heat pump can save you a ton during both the winter and summer months. Heat pumps are efficient and eco-friendly, and can even be used to hybrid heat your home, along with a home propane delivery service. If you’re considering getting a heat pump for your home, here are a few benefits you might not know about.

Heat Pumps Use Natural Heat to Warm Your Home

Air conditioning units, along with furnaces heated by oil, propane, or gas, use a lot of energy to produce hot or cold air that gets distributed through your home. Heat pumps, on the other hand, use the natural heat source of the ground, in the case of a ground-source model, or the air to create a more stable temperature environment for your home. This means that you’re not simply expending energy to create heat. Your pump is using energy to source and filter through heat that’s already there. This makes it the most energy-efficient model on the market by far. Heat pumps can be used in conjunction with backup furnaces, and they can double as air conditioners during the summer. By switching your heat pump into reverse, you can filter out hot, muggy air from your home and feel an instant, comfortable drop in temperature. Most homeowners who install a heat pump see their heating and cooling bills reduced by at least one third, if not half. Heat pumps also make it easier to maintain a consistent temperature in the home, rather than creating artificial blasts of icy air or burning hot gusts that quickly make a room unbearable.

They’re Environmentally Friendly

Heat pumps are the most eco-friendly temperature control system on the market, with natural gas coming in at a close second. Because heat pumps don’t waste energy creating heat or cold, they spend all their energy on filtering through outdoor air and saving you money. Ground-source pumps are particularly cost-effective during the summer, saving homeowners half of their original cooling bill simply by filtering out the humid air rather than producing artificially chilled air. There’s no pollution associated with heating pumps, and the air they filter through is clean and regulated. Even during the coldest months of winter, when the outdoor temperature drops to zero, ground-source and air-to-air pumps are able to extract the heat in the freezing air and turn it into a natural heating source for your home.

They Can Be Used with Other Heating Types

Heat pumps aren’t just great for heating and cooling homes for a much lower price. They can be combined with other heating systems for maximum efficiency as well as some help during colder seasons. Since the air is able to hold warmth even at single-digit temperatures, heat pumps can easily turn cold winter air into a usable heat source. When the temperature drops below zero, however, homeowners might want a bit more help combating the extreme cold. By installing heat pump and a backup furnace, you can get the best of both worlds and still see tons of savings on your energy bills.

They Also Act as AC Units

AC units work to eject icy cold air into an overheated interior, cooling it by degrees. Unfortunately, what often happens with home AC units is that the cooling process quickly turns the room into a freezing-cold atmosphere. With heat pumps, all you have to do is switch the machine to reverse in order to cool down a home by sucking the hot, muggy air out, rather than pooling freezing cold air in. This isn’t just a most cost-effective way of cooling the home, it creates a much better-regulated temperature with way less room for rapid fluctuation. Air-to-air pumps also act as a quiet filtering system, clearing out the air while it cools the indoor temperature. AC units are known for gathering dust and dirt after they’ve gone uncleaned for a while. Heat pumps source fresh, naturally cool air to create a comfortable climate inside any home.