The Comprehensive Guide to Chemical Cleanings for AC Units

Want to keep your aircon chemistry clean? You have come to the right place. Before you complete this very important aspect of AC maintenance, you should know some information. The following article contains all the important information on how to perform this maintenance to increase the life of the aircon unit.

Although this important maintenance work has some important advantages, it is performed by trained professionals, but DIY can also be handled with a little skill and experience. Just like cleaning filters or dusting vents, good chemical cleaning can help you keep your AC equipment in top condition and ensure that the entire family’s cold air flows.

If you’re not sure how to accomplish this important task yourself, don’t worry about there are many places on the web where novice aircon service technicians can improve their skills before cleaning. You need to follow the instructions very carefully. If you don’t have 100% confidence in the condenser or evaporator, you may want to leave the work to a professional because repairing these precision parts can cause the aircon unit to malfunction.

Using the wrong cleaning technique can be equally destructive. If the system cleaning system is not completed properly, your work will only add more dust, dirt and debris to the system, making things worse. In addition, you can vacuum only the pieces scattered around the house. Please visit our website for more information.

While DIY maintenance is an important part of your aircon unit service plan, once a year, from an experienced perspective, it may be a good idea to have a thorough cleaning of the professional. This will ensure that all components are in working condition and that all vents are clean.

One of the services that professional aircon maintenance personnel can perform is chemical cleaning. This may sound like a dangerous idea – because of the application of chemical cleaners, but it is important for you and me to take a bath every day and keep the AC device working under the right conditions. In addition, if this process is done correctly, these chemicals are completely safe for you and the environment.

Chemical cleaning should be performed when all conventional cleaning methods are tried and the aircon is still difficult to operate. Some of these problems may include slow cooling of the air, water leaks from the entire area, and even strange noise from moving parts of the mechanism.

What happens during the chemical washing process?

During the chemical cleaning process, the equipment must be removed and each component of the aircon unit assembly treated with a chemical cleaner. The evaporator coil, filter and condenser must be removed and cleaned. To do this, each component must be completely immersed in the solution until the scales and debris accumulated over time have been removed. The drainage system and piping must also be rinsed and drained.

The benefits of chemical washing

After chemical cleaning, you should be aware of significant changes in the function of the aircon unit. The possible leaks should be resolved. The unpleasant odor usually caused by the moisture and dirt of bacteria and molds caused by various odors will also disappear. This is by far the most important aspect of the chemical cleaning process, as these biological invaders may cause disease and health status of the family occupants. See more differences)

Another important benefit is the cooler air produced by the aircon device under mint conditions. You’ll enjoy the “out of the box” type of functionality to reset the performance of your aircon unit to the “new line” level.

You can also expect the aircon unit to run better and use less energy to perform its main functions. This means that after proper chemical cleaning, your energy costs will be reduced.

Finally, you will have an aircon unit that functions like a new one, especially if you have a professional address. This will give the aircon device a longer life and higher value.


Chemical cleaning is an important part of the aircon unit maintenance and maintenance program and should be performed annually for best results. Some experts recommend it every three months, especially those that are heavily used and may be a bit old. Technicians typically include other tasks in the chemical cleaning process, including charging the refrigerant and fine-tuning the thermostat. All of these tasks will help to maintain the function of the cooling unit.