Quick And Easy Guide To Buying A New Mattress

If you have previously bought a new mattress you will know that the process can be quite tiring. You will have to navigate through countless options online and in stores. Adding to this you will also have to choose between the materials used for your mattress. From foam to springs it can all be a little overwhelming, to say the least.

Here is our stress-free guide to buying your next mattress:

Store vs Online

The good news is you no longer have to visit the store to find the perfect mattress. There are a number of online stores which offer you a comprehensive mattress selection along with detailed descriptions. Once you have made your choice you also have many options for quick delivery right to your doorstep.

If, however, you prefer a more traditional approach to picking you mattress then a visit to the store is in order. In the store, you’ll be able to try out each of the mattresses to find the one which perfectly suits your needs. If you are going to visit the store make sure that you do not choose to hastily. Take your time and make sure that the mattress you have chosen is the right one for you. The right mattress should offer support and fit your budget.

Choosing the right mattress

The first thing that you must know is that there are three main types of mattresses; foam, adjustable and innerspring. During your decision-making process you will also be faced with having to take a number of other factors into considerations. How do you sleep? And, do you share your bed? Let’s take a look at how these factors will impact your buying decision:

A little bounce

If you like your mattress to have a little bounce to it, then your best option for you is the trusted innerspring mattress. The coils are durable and if you go for pocket spring variety you’ll feel less of the movement from another person on the bed.

Something a little more firm

Latex and memory foam mattresses offer less bounce and a firmer sleep. If you want to look at how deep you’ll sink into the bed you only need to look at the thickness of the mattress. The newer versions of this mattress usually have multiple layers maintain firmness.

Best of both

You can easily have the best of bounce and firmness in your mattress by topping a traditional innerspring mattress with a memory foam mattress topper. This way you’ll have a bouncy mattress with a firm top.


If you sleep on your side you need to look at a mattress that offers you added support. Innerspring mattresses offer a higher level of pressure relief for side-sleepers. Alternatively, you could also opt for a mattress which offers pressure relief over the shoulder and hip areas.

Hot while sleeping

Do not get carried away by fancy mattress lingo. Mattresses made from latex and foam hold body heat. Some of the newest mattress technology available negates these effects through the use of a mattress topper.