How to Make New Carpet Installation Go Smoothly

Getting rid of that old carpet can be just the thing you need to revitalize your home and your life. But if you are planning on having a new carpet installed, you need to be fully prepared for what’s to come. We’re not talking about your enjoyment of the carpet and all of the days ahead when you and your family can lounge, play, and feel the comfort of your new soft carpeting. We’re talking about the precautions you need to take so that the installation process goes smoothly.

If you are currently living in a home that does not presently have carpet installed then you can skip the first step below where we discuss tearing the old carpet up and discarding it. However, if you are living with a faded, old carpet and you are planning on getting something brand new, then you may want to consider doing the work yourself.

Tear Up the Old Materials

Like we said, you can hire a professional installation company to do this work or you can save some money by doing this part all by yourself. If you decide on the latter, then you must remember to vacuum the carpet to minimize the amount of dirt and dust that gets kicked up into the air. Also, don’t attempt to tear out the carpet and padding in huge pieces, cut the material down into smaller, more manageable strips.

Once you’re done, do not forget to vacuum the subfloor as you will need a clean surface upon which to lay down your new carpet. This will make it easier for your installers to get the job done right.


Unless you’re installing a new carpet into a new home that you have not moved into yet, you are probably going to have to deal furniture. You can have the movers do the relocating (likely for an additional fee) or you can do the work yourself. However, depending on the type and amount of furniture inside of the room where the carpet is going to be laid you may not be able to move all of it out of the way.

Just keep in mind that the room has to be entirely empty before the installation can begin. Be sure to unplug all electronic devices and keep all electrical outlets clear. Just use caution in shifting larger items, if you simply can’t do it yourself, don’t strain to move it and risk injuring yourself in some manner. Leave those items to the installers. They have the equipment necessary to move those heavier items out of the room without damaging anything.

Post-Installation Care

After the carpet is installed, you need to take good care of it. That means implementing a routine maintenance program of weekly vacuuming and an annual appointment for carpet cleaning fernandina beach fl. Your carpet probably came with a warranty and failing to maintain your new carpet as per the important instructions prescribed in that warranty or you could end up voiding it altogether.