Choosing the Right Flowers for Your Garden

Planting your garden is one of the most interesting home projects. Gardens increase the curb appeal of your home. They increase the natural beauty of your home and give you something fun to do in your free time. Gardening can be a great outlet and form of exercise.

With moderate gardening, it is possible to lose up to 400 calories every hour. Choosing the right flowers and plants is one of the most important things when planting your garden.

  • Annuals

Annuals are flowers that only bloom for one season. If you are trying to add something new to your garden, consider investing in annuals. They are cheap and they will bloom all through the season adding colour to your garden. Some annuals to consider include; Helenium, Cosmos, Begonia, Milkweed, Sunflower, and Petunia.

  • Colour Choice

If you are looking for inspiration, think about the colours that would look good in your garden. A colour wheel will help you make the right choice. Flowers with colours that are near to each other will always look great.

If you go for contrasting colours, they should all be bold. Use colours from opposite sides of the colour wheel. Some great flowers to pair together include yellow marigolds and blue Lobelia.

  • Growing Conditions

You must understand the preferred growing conditions of your plants before having them in your garden. Match your flowers with the different conditions in your garden.

If there are shady parts in your garden, use them to grow flowers that thrive in shady conditions. Other things to pay attention to include the acidity or alkalinity of the soil, and drainage. Plants like Asters grow well in sunny environments while ferns grow well in slightly shady conditions. Alpine plants grow well in open areas.

If you are not sure about the growing conditions of different soils, consider getting the help of a professional.

  • Growing Size

Different flowers may grow to different sizes. You must consider this factor in the gardening process. Learn about the different flowers and choose the dimensions that would look best in your garden.

A garden with mixed flowers is a great idea but you must assess the likelihood of your flowers to spread. Ensure that you plant flowers which won’t overtake the others. Flowers that grow faster than others may end up looking disproportionate.

  • Focal Points

Choose a focal point in your garden and grow one or two plants that stand out from the rest of the garden. Even though your focal point should stand out, it should not have too many flowers or plants.

Use a small specimen with interesting features or colours. Evergreen plants are a great choice for focal points. If you use too many plants in your focal point, they will have less impact on the eyes.

While it is possible to grow your own garden, getting the help of professional companies such as Garden Club London will make things much easier. Leaving your project in the hands of professionals will help you achieve exactly what you want.