Creative Ways to Use Area Rugs to Decorate Your Home

Area rugs can add depth, size, and a much-needed pop of color to any home surface. They’re customizable, easy to style, and can shake the dust off of a tired, dull-looking room in minutes. That’s why choosing an area rug that can do more than just one thing is essential for homeowners looking to spice it up. From the dining room to the bedroom, colorful, exotic-looking area rugs can pack a serious punch and furnish a room with a subtle artistic flourish. They’re built to last, especially if you take care of your rug with regular trips to oriental rug cleaning durham nc, and they inspire even the most cautious home decorators to engage with their creative side. If you’re looking for some tips on how to use your area rug to revive a tired room, here are some pointers.

Heat Up the Kitchen

If you already use rubber mats on your kitchen floor to reduce slipping, you can add style to function by putting in a few smaller area rugs with slip-proof and skid-proof rubber mats underneath. You’ll be making your kitchen safer while adding a few pops of color to liven up the place. You can use brightly colored rugs to diversify the look of an all-white kitchen interior or bring some bold patterns into the mix to create a more modern look.

Decorate Furniture

Rugs don’t just have to go on the floor. A stylish, thin area rug can also serve as a perfect throw for a sofa or chaise longue. If you want a piece of furniture to stand out, throw a striped area rug over it to create a more textured look. You can also put an area rug over a larger area like a couch or easy chair to double as a chair protector and a visual statement. If you want to do the same to the bedroom, throw a patterned area rug over your bed to act as a top cover.

Add Depth to the Office

A home office can risk becoming drab and ordinary without the proper accents of color. Luckily, even the smallest, coziest home office can be improved by a bright tapestry-style area rug. As long as you’re using the right padding to protect your rug and floor from rolling chairs or desks, you can place your area rug in the center of things as a stylish, practical centerpiece.

Use It as Wall Art

We’ve all seen a few area rugs that are just too beautiful to ignore or place on the floor. If you come across a rug that’s truly spectacular, especially one that’s hand-woven, turn it into hanging art by placing it on the wall as a centerpiece. Area rugs can provide a beautiful artistic background to a high-ceiling room such as a living room or dining room. You can even go one step further to show your rug off by placing it in a frame.

Furnish the Bathroom

If you think you can only get away with placing rubber mats or shag rugs in the bathroom, you’re wrong. Using a woven area rug can actually help fight against mold and mildew growth while adding a beautiful stylistic flourish to your bathroom.