Bedroom Makeover – Traditional Gets an Upgrade

Bedroom d├ęcor styles like everything else, change from decade to decade, and in recent years we have seen fashion lean more towards the traditional, with shabby chic furniture like the items sold here, soft textures, and pastel shades back in demand.

Patchwork quilts are big again, their traditional, easy style now updated with contemporary designs and, again, bold colour. In pure cotton, these quilts are a perfect way to layer for chilly nights with added pizzazz for a contemporary look. Lighter weight quilted designs work well all year through for regions where temperatures do not get so cold.

Headboards, too, are becoming a prominent component for inspiring the look and feel of the bedroom. Stylish makeovers of traditional designs range from casual tufted and slip-covered to the more upscale leather and upholstered. The trend here is cushy comfort with thick padding for a soft, dressed-down look, rather than stiff and formal.

Tone-on-tone makes it big in the bedroom. Select colour palettes in neutrals or whites to bring ethereal notes of luminous comfort. Layer with like shades a step or two up or down in the palette range. Do not be afraid to mix patterned and textured pieces of the same colour family. This look is especially beautiful against a darker wall colour or headboard.

Toile patterns and canvas fabrics in neutral shades soften and keep the overall look from being too formal. Ticking stripe on a headboard pairs well with quilted floral patterns in like colours and hues. When well chosen, stripes and floral patterns mix extremely well together. Tip: combine striped patterns running in the same direction as the ticking on the headboard to create symmetry when combining with patterned designs

Organics and Textured Fabrics

Organic cotton is a natural choice when it comes to texture and incredible softness, its resulting comfort coming from thousands of threads being woven together for a supple, luxurious feel against the skin. Look for Egyptian cotton or cotton from Portugal, leaders in this enticing export.

Velvets in rich tones are the perfect indulgence in the bedroom. Pair complementing colours when choosing bedspreads, bed skirting and drapes. During warmer months, draw back the drapery with ornamental tiebacks and layer a natural-coloured or soft jewel tone curtain sheer underneath to lighten the room.

Textured rugs can add another layer of softness. With the continuing trend of hardwood flooring replacing wall to wall carpeting, area rugs complement the warmth of wooden floors.

Extreme shag carpets in synthetics or chenilles are another comeback item. Norwegian wool is an especially popular choice for softness, especially on a chilly morning.

Pillow Talk

This item is one of easiest and least expensive ways to revitalize the bedroom if you cannot afford a whole room makeover.

Heaped on the bed in various sizes, shapes and coordinating colours, pillows alone can add instant cosy chic to the bedroom. Don’t be overly fussy in arranging them, either. Lean them against the headboard in alternating sizes or toss casually alongside one another.

 Reversible pillow covers are a practical way to get two looks from one set of items. Many styles feature deeper colours and patterns for winter that can be reversed to a lighter shade or toned-down pattern for spring and summer months when you want to freshen the look of the bedroom.

Experiment and see what you can uncover.