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5 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Mold Testing Company

If mold starts to grow in your home or business, you should contact Florida mold testing company immediately. Mold mostly attaches itself on building materials like wood and drywall because it’s provided with a food source. This means that the mold will eat up the affected surfaces leading to severe structural damages. Mold can lead to serious damage in your […]

Can Your Water Damaged Wood Floors Be Saved?

Floods and leaks in the home are no laughing matter when it comes to your hardwood flooring. That’s because water can be relentless and unforgiving if given enough time to sit undisturbed on wood floors. Repairing the damage can be a greater challenge the longer the water is allowed to remain in contact with the floorboards. Not only are you […]

Helpful Tips For First Time Backup Generator Users

So you’ve finally decided to pull the trigger and get that backup generator for your home. If you live in an area that sees routine inclement weather in the form of high winds and heavy precipitation, then you probably know how much good it’s going to do in a rather short period of time. A home backup generator can help […]

Breaker Box Safety For Homeowners

The circuit breaker box in your home is the nerve center to the entire electrical system. Think of it as the main hub that controls your power in each room. If a breaker is tripped there could be any number of reasons why, but in most cases, it’s typically a harmless occurrence that can be rectified by simply flipping the […]

The Benefits Of Good Carpet Padding

Buying a home rug shouldn’t be a complicated process. Once you’ve figured out what kind of color, pattern, and material you’re looking for, what’s to stop you from assuming all the work is done? Unfortunately, because home rugs are such a big investment, researching the right maintenance approach, such as finding the right carpet cleaning northern va service or learning […]