The Story of Designing a Modern Bathroom – Style, Lines, and Colors

With the passing days, the definition of the bathroom interior designing has been changing a lot. It is not anymore space where you spend your time to get freshen up. It is the place in your home where you practically start your day. This is where you come up with some really interesting ideas and all the insights about your life. Hence, if your bathroom remains shabby and dull, you will be feeling low from the beginning of the day. So, it is better if you are going to plan a renovation of your bathroom any time soon.

Now, when you are planning to redo your modern bathroom, you are probably wondering how you can create a stunning design that will be equally functional too. And for that, you have to focus on three basic elements that are essential for a modern bathroom, the personal style, the straight lines, and the bold colors. So, let’s start with understanding each element and how it will create the bathroom that will be an asset for your home. Take a look at the following points to know more.

Personal Style

When you are designing a bathroom, keep in mind that it is the most personal space in your home. And it is also the space that will reflect your personality to some extent. So, when you are planning to deck up your bathroom, makes sure that you are going by the personal style that is essentially you. Even though you are opting for a modern bathroom, you can add some conventional touch in it. For example, you can add a bit of wooden texture with the classic wholesale cabinet that will do for the storage. You can add up some warm glow in the bathroom with the right kind of tiles and light setting. If you want to keep your bathroom modern and minimal, go for sleek fixtures like the cabinets that will be floating, providing you with the immense floor space that will surely make your foot traffic smooth in the bathroom. Go for a stunning plain mirror that will add up to the glamour of the space.

Straight Lines

If you are thinking of adding up to the statement of such a design, you can think of creating straight lines in the décor. From the basic planning to the placement of the tiles, from the accessories to the cabinetry, everything should follow this basic principle of designing. Add as many straight lines as possible. For flooring and the wall, opt for the clear shiny tiles with no texture whatsoever. For faucets and fittings, go for steel straight lined ones. And for bathroom vanity cabinets, install the one that boasts on straight lines too. For a minimal feeling, go for the slab doors with the steel handles. If you are looking for a decadent and versatile vibe of the bathroom, then opt for something like shaker style.

Bold Colors

Now, as you are done with the fixtures and the look of the bathroom, how about focusing on the colors of the space? Well, color palette plays a vital role in a modern bathroom. Generally, for minimal space, the popular choice of color is white or a neutral shade. On one hand, it makes the space look bright and stunning. On the other, it will complement the other fixtures and accessories too. If you are planning to bring in some more masculine feel in the bathroom, then go for the rich colors like grey and blue. This will certainly make the space look stunning.

Now, as you know about these ways to create a bathroom that is like a dream of a modern citizen, what are you waiting for? Hire a designer and discuss your ideas with them.